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                Your Position:Home -> RP630Binding Machine -> Binding Machine

                Binding Machine

                Products No.: RP630

                Products Class: Binding Machine

                Hits: 3749

                Add Date: 2011-01-21

                Detailed Product Description

                Product Description
                Binding material: Paper
                Binding supplie: High-strength nylon pipe
                Drill bit diameter: 5.1mm
                Maximum binding thickness: Maximum 30mm
                Adjustable margin size (front/back): 7 to 24mm
                Voltage: 220V 5% AC 50Hz, 110V 5% AC 60Hz
                Power supply: 160W
                Electric current: 0.3A
                Size: 310 x 199 x 469mm (250mm height when handle pressed)
                Binding machine drill quickly and conveniently, move the press paper shelter board bind paper, you only want 15 minute totally
                Heating pad is specially custom-made and has a shelter cover
                Uses environmental material, received scraps box, order to make a environmental machine.
                With advantage of special drill bit and sharp titanized blade edge, machine can enhance the drilling speed and has gone through thousands drilling tests
                Bending probability can be reduced at maximum by virtue of reasonable-designed rivet press system and traversing locater pin design
                Carton size: 360 x 242 x 280mm
                Net weight: 4.5kg
                Gross weight: 5.2kg

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