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                Binding Machine

                Products No.: RP635B

                Products Class: Binding Machine

                Hits: 4730

                Add Date: 2011-01-21

                Detailed Product Description

                Simple and convenient: the hot-melt bills drilling binding machine adopts hand-binding. It is not only simple and convenient but also laboursaving for drilling. Just only pressing the handle to complete drilling. Plastic tube is cut automatically
                Shortcut: the hot-melt bills drilling binding machine is very fast and convenient. Moving baffle-wall and fixed bills quickly, moving the worktable rapidness. Drilling and binding will be finished within 15 seconds
                Operating simple and convenient, saving efforts. It can quickly drill and bind the bills which thickness is less than 35mm
                Binding materials: paper produce
                Binding dissipative material: macro-molecule plastic pipe
                Binding capacity: 35mm
                Drilling diameter: 5.2mm
                Binding time: pressing about 9 seconds
                Preheating time: about 5 minutes
                Dimension(L x W x H): 445 x 328 x 408mm
                Gross weight: 10.6kg
                Power consumption: 230W
                Voltage: 220V/50Hz AC 110V/60Hz AC
                Before/after margin adjustment: 5 to 25mm
                Left/right margin adjustment: 10 to 140mm
                Packing dimension: 400 x 520 x 330mm

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