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                Your Position:Home -> R2108Bill counter -> Bill counter

                Bill counter

                Products No.: R2108

                Products Class: Banknote Counter

                Hits: 11008

                Add Date: 2015-03-04

                Detailed Product Description

                Money counter Features: 

                Sheets counting function and counterfeit detection function.
                    1) Batch function
                    2) Half note detection
                    3) Chain note detection
                    4) Double-note detection
                    5) Width detection function
                    6) UV counterfeit detection
                    7) MG counterfeit detection 
                    8)Suitable for most currencies in the world
                    9)Inferred character detection
                    10)Can mixed counting below currency:  USD EUR





                Ambient Temperature:


                Ambient Humidity:

                25% - 80%

                Feed System:

                Roller Friction System

                Hopper Capacity:

                120 old bills or 180 new bills

                Stacker Capacity:

                120 old bills or 180 new bills

                Size of Countable Bills:

                50mm X 110mm - 90mm X 180mm

                Thickness of Countable Bills:

                0.06mm - 0.15mm

                Counting Result Display:

                Four (sheets) or Seven (value)  Digits LED (Red )

                Batch Preset Number Display:

                Three Digits LED (Green)

                Remove Display:

                Three Digits LED (Green)

                Power Source:

                Single Phase 110 V +/- 10% RMS, 50 - 60 Hz

                Also available in 220 V +/-10% RMS, 50 - 60 Hz

                Power Consumption:


                Counting Speed:

                900 notes/min





                Net Weight:


                Inner Packing:

                1PCS/COLOR BOX

                Dimensions: (L) 315 mm*(W) 266 mm*(H) 196 mm


                Outer Packing:


                Dimensions: (L)630 mm*(W) 410 mm*(H)250 mm


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